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Kaj Niemi kajtzu at basen.net
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You might want to look at rpmrebuild. I’ve used it in the past to hotfix similar silliness with vendor packaging ;-) It kind of does require you to have your own repositories for all packages but if you’re running puppet wth that amount of machines I’m assuming you do.

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On 10 Mar 2014, at 20:19, Antman, Jason (CMG-Atlanta) <Jason.Antman at coxinc.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the reply and clarification. 
> My specific issue is that I have a bunch (hundreds) of servers with OMSA 7.1.0 installed on them via RPM. We use Puppet to manage configuration and package installation. If I try to install/upgrade (well Puppet tries, but same thing) to 7.3.2, it fails because a bunch of files were moved from srvadmin-omcommon to srvadmin-omacs, but the spec files were never updated to reflect this. The documentation sats that I can "yum upgrade" to upgrade srvadmin, but this is failing if srvadmin-all-7.1.0 is already installed, and I try to upgrade to 7.3.2.
> Rathish's suggestion of manually uninstalling and then reinstalling simply isn't possible for us - we enforce configuration with Puppet, which installs the specified version of a package, there's no way to remove them.
> This should be a *simple* fix to the RPM spec file, of adding the correct provides/obsoletes statements in the spec file. Doing this would allow an actual update to 7.3, not a remove and reinstall. Since my suggestion of this on 1/23 seems to have fallen on deaf ears, I wondered where I could get the RPM spec files and source, so I could submit a patch to make the fix. I don't really *want* the source to OMSA itself, but the only way for me to make and test a change to the spec files would be to have it.
> Is this something that, if I get in touch with my sales rep, they'd know how to approach? I have over a hundred servers that I'm unable to update OMSA on (and having all sorts of issues with Puppet) all because of what should be a 3-4 line fix in the spec files...

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