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Antman, Jason (CMG-Atlanta) Jason.Antman at coxinc.com
Mon Mar 10 13:30:14 CDT 2014

Ok, thanks so much. I've never contacted support since I've been with my 
current employer, but I know we have a support contract (we just took 
delivery of about 60 r720's)  so I'll follow up on that.

Sure, I'll give that a try. I'm caught up in a production incident 
today, but sometime in the next few days I'll try and do a clean OS 
install on a machine or two, and try that path.

Thanks for the time,

On 03/10/2014 02:26 PM, D. Jared Dominguez wrote:
> I'm sorry to hear that no one replied. I will pass on your memo to 
> some people I know on the OpenManage team so hopefully someone can 
> look into your email from January. I still would recommend utilizing 
> your support contract (assuming you have one) and contacting ProSupport.
> In the meantime, are you able to test what happens when you upgrade 
> from OMSA 7.1 to OMSA 7.2 instead of straight from 7.1 to 7.3? I'm not 
> sure if upgrades with skipping minor versions are tested (or even with 
> skipping major versions).
> --Jared
> On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 01:19:02PM -0500, Antman, Jason (CMG-Atlanta) 
> wrote:
>> Jared,
>> Thanks for the reply and clarification.
>> My specific issue is that I have a bunch (hundreds) of servers with 
>> OMSA 7.1.0
>> installed on them via RPM. We use Puppet to manage configuration and 
>> package
>> installation. If I try to install/upgrade (well Puppet tries, but 
>> same thing)
>> to 7.3.2, it fails because a bunch of files were moved from 
>> srvadmin-omcommon
>> to srvadmin-omacs, but the spec files were never updated to reflect 
>> this. The
>> documentation sats that I can "yum upgrade" to upgrade srvadmin, but 
>> this is
>> failing if srvadmin-all-7.1.0 is already installed, and I try to 
>> upgrade to
>> 7.3.2.
>> Rathish's suggestion of manually uninstalling and then reinstalling 
>> simply
>> isn't possible for us - we enforce configuration with Puppet, which 
>> installs
>> the specified version of a package, there's no way to remove them.
>> This should be a *simple* fix to the RPM spec file, of adding the 
>> correct
>> provides/obsoletes statements in the spec file. Doing this would 
>> allow an
>> actual update to 7.3, not a remove and reinstall. Since my suggestion 
>> of this
>> on 1/23 seems to have fallen on deaf ears, I wondered where I could 
>> get the RPM
>> spec files and source, so I could submit a patch to make the fix. I 
>> don't
>> really *want* the source to OMSA itself, but the only way for me to 
>> make and
>> test a change to the spec files would be to have it.
>> Is this something that, if I get in touch with my sales rep, they'd 
>> know how to
>> approach? I have over a hundred servers that I'm unable to update 
>> OMSA on (and
>> having all sorts of issues with Puppet) all because of what should be 
>> a 3-4
>> line fix in the spec files...
>> Thanks,
>> Jason
>> On 03/10/2014 12:09 PM, Jared_Dominguez at DELL.com wrote:
>>    To my knowledge, no they're not open source. Certainly the 
>> software suite
>>    is not. I haven't checked the license on each and every spec file, 
>> though,
>>    and I am not on the OpenManage team. If you have a specific 
>> question or
>>    issue with OMSA, please speak up. As far as I'm aware, companies 
>> generally
>>    do not provide the source for their closed source software upon a 
>> single
>>    request (as much as I personally prefer FLOSS). However, if you 
>> are having
>>    a specific issue with OMSA, there are Dell people on this list who 
>> will do
>>    their best to help resolve the issue. Also, I think you may 
>> misunderstand.
>>    The RPMs are officially supported on RHEL and SLES, not
>>    community-supported. It is the debs for Ubuntu/Debian that are 
>> currently
>>    "community-supported", though you did not inquire about those.
>>    --Jared
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>>    Yup, still no response. It seems to me that this is "serial 
>> abandonware"
>>    - their meaning of "community support" seems to be that they release
>>    software, and then ignore the community and users until the next 
>> release.
>>    I'm going to go through my contacts, LinkedIn, etc. and see if I 
>> know of
>>    someone sufficiently high up the chain at Dell... we've got 500+ Dell
>>    machines in racks, and I'm more than happy putting whatever 
>> pressure on
>>    Dell that I can. If this isn't a problem they can't solve, fine. But
>>    having emails to the "only official support" (i.e. "don't call your
>>    vendor or the support line") totally ignored is unacceptable. On the
>>    other hand, maybe after this I can finally convince my boss to put in
>>    CapEx for evergreening the whole datacenter, and replace every 
>> last one
>>    of these Dell boxes with energy-efficient HPs. They even officially
>>    support Linux, and I've *never* had an email to their Linux mailing
>>    lists go unanswered...
>>    On 03/04/2014 09:49 AM, Eugene Vilensky wrote:
>>    > On Fri, 31 Jan 2014 12:45:36 +0000
>>    > "Antman, Jason (CMG-Atlanta)" <Jason.Antman at coxinc.com> wrote:
>>    >
>>    >> I've been looking around on linux.dell.com, but can't find the 
>> source
>>    >> RPMs or spec files for OMSA. Can someone please point me to them?
>>    >>
>>    > Are the packaging scripts and specs open-source?
>>    >
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