[Linux-PowerEdge] omconfig R630 error

Martin Flemming martin.flemming at desy.de
Fri Dec 19 06:52:04 CST 2014

Hi !

I've got the following error,
while i want to set biosoption via omconfig

[root@~]# omconfig about

Product name : Dell OpenManage Server Administrator
Version      : 7.4.0
Copyright    : Copyright (C) Dell Inc. 1995-2013 All rights reserved.
Company      : Dell Inc.

[root@ ~]#

omconfig chassis biossetup

LogicalProc                                : Enabled

omconfig chassis biossetup attribute=LogicalProc setting=Disabled

Operation is under progress, it may take few seconds to complete...
Error! Operation has failed due to an invalid setup password or setup 
password has not been set.

SysPassword                                :
SetupPassword                              :
PasswordStatus                             : Unlocked

Any hint is welcome ...

Thanks & cheers


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