[Linux-PowerEdge] PERC H700 activate disk without reboot

Alex Mestiashvili alex at biotec.tu-dresden.de
Fri Dec 12 08:24:20 CST 2014


After inserting a new disk to Dell PE R710 with PERC H700 adapter I can 
see it via omreport or with megacli tool, but can not make it visible to 
the system - Debian Wheezy with kernel 3.2.61.

After issuing host_rescan:

  echo '- - -'  >/sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan

I see in dmesg that the disk is recognized by the kernel, but still do 
not see it in fdisk/lsblk.. output.

I noticed that omreport shows the new disk status as Ready and not 
Online, but it seems that I can not change the status using omconfig:

   omconfig  storage pdisk action=online controller=0 pdisk=1:0:4
   Operation disabled. Read, action=online
   Refer to the documentation for more information.

megacli fails here too:

   megacli -PDOnline -PhysDrv [32:4] -a0

   Adapter: 0: Failed to change PD state at EnclId-32 SlotId-4.

   Exit Code: 0x01

Is there a way to activate the disk without rebooting the server ?

Thank you,

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