[Linux-PowerEdge] Interface names

L. A. Walsh, Tlinx Solutions dell at tlinx.org
Wed Apr 30 22:17:47 CDT 2014

Vinod Gupta wrote:
> Our RHEL Linux cluster evolved over several years and now we have a mix 
> of various Dell PowerEdge servers running, each one having 2-4 ethernet 
> interfaces, some 1 Gbps and some 10 Gbps, some onboard and some in the 
> expansion slots. We use a common kickstart to image them. Every time a 
> new server is added or old one needs reimaging, we need to play with 
> network line changing --device value (eth0, em1 or p2p1...). This breaks 
> the idea of automating the imaging process. Is there a way to set the 
> interface names once for ever in BIOS?
You might try something along the lines of the attached bash (4.2) 
script that
I run on boot to rename my interfaces.

It uses the ethernet addr of the interface, to remap the names ... it is 
a bit
specific to my system, (addresses are not in a file, I only remap eth2-5 
as they
were they only problem children, but I shouldn't think it hard to 
generalize from

But you can see from the script, it's not too hard to rename them to 
you want after boot.

You'd normally run something like this before you assign network

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