[Linux-PowerEdge] OMSA for RHEL6 32-bit version?

John Nyhuis jnyhuis at uw.edu
Wed Apr 23 17:29:35 CDT 2014

I have one pokey old system that has to run the 32-bit kernel due to software.
I note on the wiki that RHEL6 32-bit does not have a OMSA package.

Are there plans to build a 32-bit RHEL6 OMSA package anytime soon?
Has anyone explored work-arounds for this issue, such as trying to get the 32-bit RHEL5 OMSA package working on RHEL6?

It's only one server, but it would sure be nice to have OMSA on 'all' the servers.

Thanks in advance,
John Nyhuis
IT Manager, Stam Lab
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