[Linux-PowerEdge] iDRAC Service Module vs. OMSA

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You are right about the functionality offered with iDRAC Service Module version 1.0.

There is a fundamental difference between OMSA and the iDRAC Service Module as follows:

OMSA aims to provide health/monitoring information through the OS. Therefore, it exposes this information through a variety of interfaces, including the Web Server, command-line, SNMP, OS logs etc. The iDRAC Service Module has a different goal. Its aim is to "supplement" the iDRAC with any information from within the host OS, that might otherwise not be available to the service processor. The interface from an end user point of view is still the iDRAC. Therefore, the iDRAC Service Module will not expose (in general) additional GUI, or command-line functionality. The iDRAC Service Module is designed to co-exist with OMSA, and automatically disables any of its features that might be cause issues due to overlapping functionality.

Hope that helps highlighting the fundamental philosophical/mindset differences between the two tools.


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Do I have this right?
Service Module only pushes LC logs into the OS, runs a watchdog timer and pulls the FQDN back into iDRAC.
OMSA does this and more, like the port 1311 interface and firmware update tools, but also runs a heap more utils and daemons to provide these features.
This sounds like an "either-or-neither" situation, unless you want 'belts-and-braces' on the watchdog timer perhaps.

We're exclusively RHEL & Mac, and don't have an OpenManage server. We also like very cut down OS images, and I'm happy performing firmware updates singularly via the LC.
I think iSM is the way to go for my situation (except that it's so new).

I can't find anything outlining the philosophical or mindset differences between these two offerings.
Can somebody pls enlighten me?

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