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Setting biosdevname=0 merely reverts the NIC enumeration to the old-style RHEL5 method (eth0, eth1, eth2, etc).

It does not "ensure that we can assign eth0 name to the best of the available interfaces on a node".

I'm not sure that's even programmatically possible.

Possibly you could script that in your post-install process, if you know the full details of your environment.

For instance, in our env - our older architectures use eth0 (RHEL5) (aka em1  -- RHEL6) for our public interface.  Newer blade architectures use FAB B1 and FAB C1 as our (bonded) public interface (aka p3p1 & p1p1).

BTW, I had no involvement in this newer-style enumeration - but I'm a huge fan!  The previous style had race conditions where sometimes the higher-numbered NICs on expansion cards were not consistently named, even on same server model.   On one R710, it may enumerate one way, on another R710 another.

The newer style is a bit quirky (why is FAB B p3p* and FAB C p1p* ?).  But at least they are *consistent* quirky names.  For a specific server model, a given NIC (like LOM 0) will *always* be the same NIC name.


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This will help after imaging. May be we can give kernel parameter
biosdevname=0 even during imaging the machine in the pxelinux.cfg/default file. If I understand correctly, this will only ensure that interface names are not renamed. I need to ensure that we can assign eth0 name to the best of the available interfaces on a node so that we do not need to tweak our common kickstart file for each node.
I thought this should be possible in BIOS that which interface is named what, but I could be wrong.


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