[Linux-PowerEdge] iDRAC Service Module vs. OMSA

Bryan Pliatsios bryan.pliatsios at wellcom.com.au
Mon Apr 21 19:26:12 CDT 2014

Do I have this right?
  Service Module only pushes LC logs into the OS, runs a watchdog timer and pulls the FQDN back into iDRAC.
  OMSA does this and more, like the port 1311 interface and firmware update tools, but also runs a heap more utils and daemons to provide these features.
  This sounds like an "either-or-neither" situation, unless you want 'belts-and-braces' on the watchdog timer perhaps.

  We're exclusively RHEL & Mac, and don't have an OpenManage server. We also like very cut down OS images, and I'm happy performing firmware updates singularly via the LC.
  I think iSM is the way to go for my situation (except that it's so new).

  I can't find anything outlining the philosophical or mindset differences between these two offerings.
  Can somebody pls enlighten me?


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