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Sun Apr 20 21:06:47 CDT 2014

Make a symbolic link between /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and /dev/null.

Eduardo Schoedler
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> Em 20/04/2014, às 16:22, Vinod Gupta <vinod at princeton.edu> escreveu:
> Our RHEL Linux cluster evolved over several years and now we have a mix 
> of various Dell PowerEdge servers running, each one having 2-4 ethernet 
> interfaces, some 1 Gbps and some 10 Gbps, some onboard and some in the 
> expansion slots. We use a common kickstart to image them. Every time a 
> new server is added or old one needs reimaging, we need to play with 
> network line changing --device value (eth0, em1 or p2p1...). This breaks 
> the idea of automating the imaging process. Is there a way to set the 
> interface names once for ever in BIOS?
> Vinod
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