[Linux-PowerEdge] Proper way to disable hyper-threading...for *ALL* OMSA versions?

Spike_White at Dell.com Spike_White at Dell.com
Thu Apr 17 13:04:45 CDT 2014


OMSA 7.4.0 (just released in dell-linux yum repo) seems to have changed the syntax for disabling hyper-threading.  Yet again.

I like that new OMSA versions are offered in the dell-linux yum repo.  So new builds automatically get latest and greatest OMSA.  I dislike the inconsistency between OMSA versions in their syntax.

If they deprecate a subcommand or attribute, seems like they should allow the deprecated item for a few versions.  While phasing in the new.

Below is my code.  Is there a cleaner way to do this - for all OMSA versions?

disable_hyperthreading ()

   # Oracle recommends disabling hyper-threading.  Because Oracle DB looks at num cores to
   # determine its degree of parallelism.  Hyper-threading cores not as powerful as physical
   # cores.  So with logical cores enabled, Oracle selects too high a degree of parallelism.
   # For 95% of DB servers, this isn't an issue anyway, they have CPU to spare.   \'
   # Mar 24, 2014.  OMSA 7.3.2 changed the syntax of this.  "mainsystem" is an unknown subcommand,
   # even though it was legal in 7.3.0. Use omconfig chassis instead.
   # Apr 17, 2014.  OMSA 7.4.0 changed the syntax of this.  Yet again!  The attribute is no longer
   # attribute=LogicalProc, now it's attribute=cpuht.

   if omconfig -? 2>&1 | grep -q mainsystem
      # OMSA 7.x
      if omconfig mainsystem biossetup -? 2>&1 | grep -q cpuht
         # OMSA 7.4.0
         omconfig mainsystem biossetup attribute=cpuht setting=Disabled
        # OMSA 7.3.2
        omconfig mainsystem biossetup attribute=LogicalProc setting=Disabled
      # older OMSA version (< 7.3.2)
      omconfig chassis biossetup attribute=LogicalProc setting=Disabled

   # Now reboot needed.
   RPM_INFO "Disabling hyper-threading.  Reboot after successful RPM installation, for the change to take effect."

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