[Linux-PowerEdge] cheapest solution support 3tb drive dell 2950

Chris Good chris at g2.nu
Wed Apr 16 01:40:45 CDT 2014

Dan The Man wrote:
> What is cheapest solution support 3tb drive? This is just a cheap home 
> fileserver solution, just to run ZFS passthrough. So I am thinking using 
> ebay and getting something like the LSI lsi 9240-8i, or perc 310 cards be 
> the cheapest. Thinking those have to be plugged into back pci riser card,
> then I would need some kind of SFF cable convertor of at least 2.5 feet, 
> to run from back riser to the front drive plane.

In theory you just need the correct SFF-8087 cable to go between the riser and
the card and you're good.  We've done that sort of thing on some 2950s
where we neded better SATA-SSD support than the PERC could provide so we split
the backplane with the PERC doing bays 0-3 and a simple HBA looking after bays

We recently were looking to do something with 4TB drives and by the time we'd
priced things up, looked at the hassle factor and thought some more about
future headroom we canned it.  Instead we bought an ASROCK motherboard that
had IPMI support and put it in a no-name 16-bay chassis along with a pile
of 4TB WD40EZRX drives hooked up to Adaptec HBAs.  

We spent quite some time evaluating various combinations of LVM, MD-RAID,
XFS, ext4, btrfs but all had showstopping problems that showed up in testing.
Eventually we settled on ZFS and haven't looked back since.  The only real
annoyance is that we have to lock the kernel to the 2.6 version that everything
has been compiled up for but that is only a relatively minor annoyance.


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