[Linux-PowerEdge] cheapest solution support 3tb drive dell 2950

Dan The Man dan at sunsaturn.com
Tue Apr 15 13:40:36 CDT 2014

What is cheapest solution support 3tb drive? This is just a cheap home 
fileserver solution, just to run ZFS passthrough. So I am thinking using 
ebay and getting something like the LSI lsi 9240-8i, or perc 310 cards be 
the cheapest. Thinking those have to be plugged into back pci riser card,
then I would need some kind of SFF cable convertor of at least 2.5 feet, 
to run from back riser to the front drive plane.

Does this look correct? Anyone confirm 9240-8i or perc 310 cards to work?
I understand I would most likely have to flash IT version of LSI firmware, 
but just wanted to check what you guys have used to support 3TB drives and 
what cable you used?


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