[Linux-PowerEdge] Installing Debian 5.0 on PowerEdge R420 ith PERC R710

Rakesh Baluja rakeshbaluja at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 11 19:32:35 CDT 2014

Hello All,
I have recently purchased a Dell R420 with PERC RAID R710, Intel NIC & Broadcom NIC.
I have hired different installers to install Debian 5.0 32 from different ISOs but all say the following:
The megaraid_sas module is not mature enough on that release to support the PERC RAID card installed.
The igb module is not mature enough to support the specific Intel GbE NIC's instralled.
The tgb module is not mature enough to support the specific Broadcom NIC's that are installed on the motherboard.

Is there a working ISO which can support my hardware for Debian 5.0 lenny

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