[Linux-PowerEdge] Seeing alert after rebuilding to hotspare: Insufficient space on the global hot spare

Brian Mathis brian.mathis+dell at betteradmin.com
Wed Apr 9 12:01:45 CDT 2014

PowerEdge R720
H710P 1GB

Configuration: 4x Disk RAID10 + 1 Hot spare

Part of our testing regimen involves testing RAID failure.  We do this by
creating the RAID, then pulling out a disk and ensuring the rebuild happens
correctly to the hot spare.  We are seeing an issue after the original disk
is replaced and the array is rebuilt back onto it.  When the rebuild
completes and the spare is re-added as a global spare, the following alert
is generated:

    Event Message: Insufficient space on the global hot spare Disk 1 in
    Backplane 1 of Integrated RAID Controller 1.
    Date/Time: Wed Apr 09 2014 16:04:40
    Severity: Warning

    Detailed Description: The global hot spare is not large enough to
    all virtual disks that reside on the controller.
    Recommended Action: Assign a larger disk as the global hot spare.
    Message ID: PDR50

Immediately after this message is generated, the drive is successfully
added as a hotspare.  Further testing shows that the hot spare is
successfully used if the array is forced to fail again.  All of the drives
are exactly the same model/size.

Has anyone else seen this issue?  Should I be concerned or is this a bug?

All firmware is up to date.

❧ Brian Mathis
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