[Linux-PowerEdge] OMSA 7.4, DTK 4.4 and iSM 1.0 published for Ubuntu/Debian

D. Jared Dominguez Jared_Dominguez at dell.com
Wed Apr 9 09:54:50 CDT 2014

Could you send me the output of the following command?
         dpkg -l | egrep "(srvadmin|jdk|jre)"

Also, did you dist-upgrade or just upgrade?


On Wed, Apr 09, 2014 at 05:04:06AM -0500, john wrote:
>On Tue, 8 Apr 2014, D. Jared Dominguez wrote:
>> http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/b/techcenter/archive/2014/04/08/dell-omsa-7-4-dtk-4-4-and-ism-1-0-for-ubuntu-and-debian.aspx
>> Let me know if you find bugs. :)
>I have a Debian wheezy VM I'm running 7.4 on (updated from OM 7.3) as
>a webinterface to some centos/redhat based xenservers (running 7.3.0)
>which no longer install the webinterface. I have only dsm_om_connsvc
>running on the Debian VM.
>When I try and login to a remote system using port 5986 through this it
>just comes up with "login failed" immediately. Checking the logs:
>/opt/dell/srvadmin/var/log/openmanage/dsm_om_connsvcdIO.log it outputs:
>[Fatal Error] :1:44: XML document structures must start and end within the same entity.
>And that's it. Don't see anything at the other end. Don't see any packets
>or anything.
>Any ideas why I can't login to remote systems? It did the same on 7.3. My
>next step was going to be try it on CentOS and see if it was the same but
>not gotten round to that yet.

Jared Domínguez
Server OS Engineering
Dell | Enterprise Solutions Group

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