[Linux-PowerEdge] dsm_om_connsvcd not starting after upgrade to OMSA 7.4

Scott Hollenbeck sah at musclecarresearch.com
Wed Apr 9 04:59:01 CDT 2014

Sorry if this is a repeat for anyone. I also posted it in the PowerEdge
General HW Forum

I just upgraded the srvadmin-all package and its dependencies on a PE 2950
running Ubuntu 12.04. After the upgrade I noticed that I wasn't able to
connect to the OpenManage web server running on port 1311. With a little
debugging I found that dsm_om_connsvc is stopped:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/dsm_om_connsvc status
dsm_om_connsvcd is stopped

When I try to start it I get this (the asterisk is red):

$ sudo /etc/init.d/dsm_om_connsvc start
Starting DSM SA Connection Service:  *


and the service remains stopped:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/dsm_om_connsvc status
dsm_om_connsvcd is stopped

Digging a little deeper:

$ /opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/dsm_om_connsvcd -version
not available
$ /opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/dsm_om_connsvcd -clrun

How can I get the service started or find more debug info? Nothing is logged
in /var/log. Here's more package info:

$ dpkg -p srvadmin-all
Package: srvadmin-all
Priority: optional
Section: partner/utils
Installed-Size: 25
Maintainer: Daniel Jared Dominguez <Jared_Dominguez at Dell.com>
Architecture: amd64
Source: srvadmin-meta
Version: 7.4.0
Depends: srvadmin-base (>= 7.4.0), srvadmin-storageservices (>= 7.4.0),
srvadmin-webserver (>= 7.4.0), srvadmin-standardagent (>= 7.4.0),
srvadmin-rac4 (>= 7.4.0), srvadmin-rac5 (>= 7.4.0), srvadmin-idrac (>=
7.4.0), srvadmin-idrac7 (>= 7.4.0), srvadmin-server-snmp (>= 7.4.0),
srvadmin-server-cli (>= 7.4.0), srvadmin-oslog (>= 7.4.0)
Size: 1880
Description: Meta package for installing all Server Administrator features
 Meta-package that contains dependency information to automatically pull
 in all base and optional Server Administrator Features.
Homepage: http://support.dell.com

Thank you,

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