[Linux-PowerEdge] PER310 + SAS 6/iR modular (was Q: Possible to access "PowerVault 114x" via chain-through on MD3200?)

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Fri Apr 4 14:44:58 CDT 2014

cupertino wrote, On 04/04/2014 12:53 PM:
> can help with terminology
> card/adapter = regular PCIe card w/ bracket 
> integrated = PCIe card for internal storage slots w/o bracket 
> modular = only for Mxxx systems (square layout w/o SAS connectors)

Apparently also for PER310, PER410, and perhaps others, as this is the
whole point of this topic.  (i have a quote for the SAS 6/iR Modular
for my PER310 and am waiting on one for an H200 Modular)

> embedded = onboard (but don't know any Dell system with embedded H200) 
> as you mentioned, modular H200 has no connectors for SAS cables and
> therefore won't work in R310. 

The PER310 has an SFF8087 connector on the motherboard that is used
for devices in the "Modular" slot (Slot3), so it seems reasonable it
should work fine.  Only thing i can think of is power/cooling/space
restrictions (the H200 has a heatsink that might interfere with PCI
cards in Slot2).  That and intentional hobbling or policy statements
denying support for the configuration from Dell.

> as far as I remember starting with H200/H700 etc Dell started to provide
> different PCI IDs for each type of controller (adapter, integrated etc.)
> no experience with R310 but some other 11th generation system gave us a
> 'unsupported adapter in storage slot' when we tried to remove brackets
> from Perc adapter to install in an internal storage slot (I think it was
> a H700 in a R510). 

And i may be misremembering putting an "A" card in an "I" slot, but i
definitely put an "I" card into an "A" PCI slot by adding an Lbracket.
So, i can imagine a Dell BIOS imposed restriction denying that option
in the server Integrated slot.

This was during the infamous SAS5 controller capacitor die-off fiasco
to replace a bad SAS5 in a Precision T5400.  (along with replacing
several dozens of Integrated SAS5 in clusters (PE1950 mostly).

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