[Linux-PowerEdge] PER310 + SAS 6/iR modular (was Q: Possible to access "PowerVault 114x" via chain-through on MD3200?)

cupertino cupertino at gmx.net
Fri Apr 4 13:53:02 CDT 2014

can help with terminology
card/adapter = regular PCIe card w/ bracket 
integrated = PCIe card for internal storage slots w/o bracket 
modular = only for Mxxx systems (square layout w/o SAS connectors) 
embedded = onboard (but don't know any Dell system with embedded H200) 

as you mentioned, modular H200 has no connectors for SAS cables and
therefore won't work in R310. 

as far as I remember starting with H200/H700 etc Dell started to provide
different PCI IDs for each type of controller (adapter, integrated etc.)
no experience with R310 but some other 11th generation system gave us a
'unsupported adapter in storage slot' when we tried to remove brackets
from Perc adapter to install in an internal storage slot (I think it was
a H700 in a R510). 

On Fri, 2014-04-04 at 12:31 -0600, Stephen Dowdy wrote:
> Question:  Does anyone know if the "PERC H200 *Modular*" works or is
> supported in a PowerEdge R310?  The tech guide only says the S300 and
> SAS 6/iR are supported, but i wouldn't be surprised if it worked
> just fine and maybe that card wasn't available at the time.
> I can intimate from:
> http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/driverdetails?driverid=W52HW
> and 
> http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/driverdetails?driverid=W7X7H
> (Compatability tables showing PE R310 that the H200 and H700 are also
> supported in the modular slot on the PER310, but anecdotal evidence is
> also useful)
> And, Following up w.r.t. "Modular" variants of PERC cards...
> Stephen Dowdy wrote, On 04/03/2014 02:32 PM:
> > cupertino wrote, On 04/03/2014 01:57 PM:
> >> Did some research. Seems slot 3 is under riser 2. 
> >> see:
> >> http://server.ru/html/products/dell/servers/rack/dell-poweredge-r310/guide/jumper.htm 
> >> http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pedge/en/poweredge_r310_techguide_final1.pdf 
> ...
> > I don't know if the H200 can be placed into the Integrated RAID slot
> > (SLOT3).  I've done that in the past with SAS5 PCI Cards by removing
> > the PCI panel bracket ;)  (works just fine, except for the misreporting
> > of the PCI subvendor/subdevice codes fooling you into thinking it's
> > a PCI *Adapter* version, not an Integrated (i guess they call it
> > "Moduler" now) version.  Otherwise, i'll just get a SAS 6/iR Modular
> > and pull the H200 to add the new SASHBA.
> Urf, after digging through the manual some more, and finding an
> example of the SAS 6/iR "Modular" specific to the PER310 (and 410
> and other?), it's not at all like a server "Integrated" RAID SAS 5/6
> card.  It has no header for cables and uses a Mini-SASx4 SFF8087
> connector on the motherboard.  As the slot is also much smaller
> (and nearly square in dimension), there's no way to get a regular
> card (sans PCI L bracket) into there (like i've done with removing
> the L-Bracket from an "Adapter" variant and putting it into an
> "Integrated" slot)
> Terminology is a big problem here, as rarely do you see a PERC card
> variant fully-qualified with "Adapter/Integrated/Modular", and often
> you see misuse of integrated vs modular (i did this, too, because
> i was unaware of the existence of the modular slot)
> Here's my current understanding:
> "Adapter" is PCI Card w/ L Bracket,
> "Integrated" is essentially identical to the PCI Card w/o
>     L Bracket, containing standard cable headers and installed
>     in a dedicated PCIx8 slot in the server.  (LSI/Dell
>     puts a differing PCI SubDeviceID in the "I" form.
> "Modular" is the card w/o cable headers, using the PCI bus slot back
>     to a single motherboard cable header.  The Modular PCI-e
>     slots appear to all be x4 lanewidth, whereas the Adapter and
>     Integrated are x8. (at least for current revs i see) There
>     are/may-be other feature limitations of the Modular form of the
>     card
> In the Adapter vs Integrated SubDevice issue, for example, i have my
> own PERC card firmware flashing utility with a lookup table like so:
>     1000_0060_1028_1f0b|FW1371iA.rom|6.3.1-0003|PERC 6/i Adapter RAID Controller
>     1000_0060_1028_1f0c|FW1371iI.rom||PERC 6/i Integrated RAID Controller
>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (Vendor_Device_SubVendor_SubDevice)
> Note the SubDevice varies, though, AFAICT, the circuitboard&chipset are identical.
> Now, i also see references to "Embedded" variants of H200 cards. WTF
> is that?! just terminology again, and is "Embedded" the same as
> "Modular"?
> It sure would be less ambiguous when Internet searching if they'd
> given these different model numbers. (e.g PERC H200=Adapter
> H201=Integrated, H202=Modular)
> --stephen

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