[Linux-PowerEdge] PER310 + SAS 6/iR modular (was Q: Possible to access "PowerVault 114x" via chain-through on MD3200?)

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Fri Apr 4 13:31:06 CDT 2014

Question:  Does anyone know if the "PERC H200 *Modular*" works or is
supported in a PowerEdge R310?  The tech guide only says the S300 and
SAS 6/iR are supported, but i wouldn't be surprised if it worked
just fine and maybe that card wasn't available at the time.

I can intimate from:
(Compatability tables showing PE R310 that the H200 and H700 are also
supported in the modular slot on the PER310, but anecdotal evidence is
also useful)

And, Following up w.r.t. "Modular" variants of PERC cards...

Stephen Dowdy wrote, On 04/03/2014 02:32 PM:
> cupertino wrote, On 04/03/2014 01:57 PM:
>> Did some research. Seems slot 3 is under riser 2. 
>> see:
>> http://server.ru/html/products/dell/servers/rack/dell-poweredge-r310/guide/jumper.htm 
>> http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pedge/en/poweredge_r310_techguide_final1.pdf 


> I don't know if the H200 can be placed into the Integrated RAID slot
> (SLOT3).  I've done that in the past with SAS5 PCI Cards by removing
> the PCI panel bracket ;)  (works just fine, except for the misreporting
> of the PCI subvendor/subdevice codes fooling you into thinking it's
> a PCI *Adapter* version, not an Integrated (i guess they call it
> "Moduler" now) version.  Otherwise, i'll just get a SAS 6/iR Modular
> and pull the H200 to add the new SASHBA.

Urf, after digging through the manual some more, and finding an
example of the SAS 6/iR "Modular" specific to the PER310 (and 410
and other?), it's not at all like a server "Integrated" RAID SAS 5/6
card.  It has no header for cables and uses a Mini-SASx4 SFF8087
connector on the motherboard.  As the slot is also much smaller
(and nearly square in dimension), there's no way to get a regular
card (sans PCI L bracket) into there (like i've done with removing
the L-Bracket from an "Adapter" variant and putting it into an
"Integrated" slot)

Terminology is a big problem here, as rarely do you see a PERC card
variant fully-qualified with "Adapter/Integrated/Modular", and often
you see misuse of integrated vs modular (i did this, too, because
i was unaware of the existence of the modular slot)

Here's my current understanding:

"Adapter" is PCI Card w/ L Bracket,
"Integrated" is essentially identical to the PCI Card w/o
    L Bracket, containing standard cable headers and installed
    in a dedicated PCIx8 slot in the server.  (LSI/Dell
    puts a differing PCI SubDeviceID in the "I" form.
"Modular" is the card w/o cable headers, using the PCI bus slot back
    to a single motherboard cable header.  The Modular PCI-e
    slots appear to all be x4 lanewidth, whereas the Adapter and
    Integrated are x8. (at least for current revs i see) There
    are/may-be other feature limitations of the Modular form of the

In the Adapter vs Integrated SubDevice issue, for example, i have my
own PERC card firmware flashing utility with a lookup table like so:

    1000_0060_1028_1f0b|FW1371iA.rom|6.3.1-0003|PERC 6/i Adapter RAID Controller
    1000_0060_1028_1f0c|FW1371iI.rom||PERC 6/i Integrated RAID Controller
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (Vendor_Device_SubVendor_SubDevice)
Note the SubDevice varies, though, AFAICT, the circuitboard&chipset are identical.

Now, i also see references to "Embedded" variants of H200 cards. WTF
is that?! just terminology again, and is "Embedded" the same as

It sure would be less ambiguous when Internet searching if they'd
given these different model numbers. (e.g PERC H200=Adapter
H201=Integrated, H202=Modular)


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