[Linux-PowerEdge] Q: Possible to access "PowerVault 114x" via chain-through on MD3200?

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 3 15:32:49 CDT 2014

cupertino wrote, On 04/03/2014 01:57 PM:
> Did some research. Seems slot 3 is under riser 2. 
> see:
> http://server.ru/html/products/dell/servers/rack/dell-poweredge-r310/guide/jumper.htm 
> http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pedge/en/poweredge_r310_techguide_final1.pdf 
> So you should be able to install 2x SAS HBAs even if a RAID card is
> installed (see section 12.2 in above tech guide). 

Ah cool, thanks.  I'd mentioned the tech guide in my original post,
and sec 12.2 reference to "Slot 3", but again, the techguide is
rather poor, not giving the visual location of it anywhere obvious.
(it definitely didn't appear to go in the normal front-left-top area
of the server)

> On Thu, 2014-04-03 at 21:39 +0200, cupertino wrote:
>> disks are not possible, so I assume a 'physical' tape drive won't be
>> available for mapping. Besides the system is very picky about installed
Okay, sounds reasonable.

>> As far as I know S100 is on-board and can be disabled in BIOS. S300

Is it simply another name, then for the Intel Matrix Storage chipset
stuff, maybe?

>> would be a separate card. So I'm not entirely sure what's in your 2nd
>> slot. If you're running Linux on the system, most likely there is some
>> other controller installed already because there are no Linux drivers
>> for Dell's software enabled RAID controllers. 

I didn't spec, buy, or setup this system, so i'm a bit ignorant of
its history, but i just pulled down the orig cfg from Dell:

    $ grep -i -e sas -e perc  config.per310
    224-8312 / V1PCP / 1 / SRV,DRVR,SAS,PERC S100,R310 / 
    330-8185 / W808M / 1 / Assembly,Cable,Light Emitting Diode,PERC 7,R310 / 
    330-8185 / N262J / 1 / Assembly,Cable,PERC7,Backplane,R410 / 
--> 342-0729 / 47MCV / 1 / Printed Wiring Assy,Controller,Pc Interface Express,PERC-H200,Adapter / 

Hrmm, I'd only seen the PERC S100 entry earlier, missing the H200.
I don't know if the H200 can be placed into the Integrated RAID slot
(SLOT3).  I've done that in the past with SAS5 PCI Cards by removing
the PCI panel bracket ;)  (works just fine, except for the misreporting
of the PCI subvendor/subdevice codes fooling you into thinking it's
a PCI *Adapter* version, not an Integrated (i guess they call it
"Moduler" now) version.  Otherwise, i'll just get a SAS 6/iR Modular
and pull the H200 to add the new SASHBA.

>> SAS6/iR has definitely not external SAS connectors. 

yeah, i wanted to use it to replace the S100 i believed was in
PCIslot2 (RISER2) to drive just the 4 internal drives), to free
a slot to use the SAS6 HBA for external use.

thanks, again.

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