[Linux-PowerEdge] Q: Possible to access "PowerVault 114x" via chain-through on MD3200?

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 3 14:15:06 CDT 2014

I may be asking a stupid question, but i've been thrown a problem
with consolidating several systems/devices ultimately ending with:
   PowerEdge R310 (S100 card + SAS6 HBA) (all slots full)
   2 x MD3200 storage devices
   1 PowerVault 114x (LTO5 tape drive)

The SAS6 HBA (2xSFF8088) will be used to connect to the two
MD3200's, but given the other PCI slot is already occupied by the
S100, there's nowhere for me to put the PowerVault 114x.

My initial thought:  There's got to be a way to expose the PV114X
through the MD3200 as a LUN, so that i could chain it on the
SATA OUT on one of the MD3200s.  I can't find any references of
someone doing this, and the MD Storage Management User Guide has no
reference to "Tape Drives", nor does the MD3200 manual i've come
across (just chaining MD1xxx enclosures), nor the PV114X manual.
(and these other devices are currently in production use, so i
can't test this theory out empirically, yet)

Anyone know if this is:

In lieu of that possibility, it appears that the PER310 does have
an Integrated RAID slot option (Slot 3 in the Technical Guide,
which is way substandard to previous Dell 11gen PE TechGuides)
(I'm not sure i see where the card would go from the PER310 tech guide)

So, i suspect i should be able to purchase a SAS 6/iR to replace
the S100, freeing the PCI slot to put another SAS HBA card in.
(i already have the SFF8470 SAS5 HBA card + SFF8470<->SF8088
cable for the PV114X).

Any thoughts on this?


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