[Linux-PowerEdge] connect MD1000 with unsupported drives to MD3000

Tim Nelson tnelson at rockbochs.com
Wed Apr 2 14:06:22 CDT 2014

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> To my knowledge MD3xxx was first Dell product which enforced Dell
> certified drives (even before they unsuccessfully tried to force us
> to
> use Dell drives on regular PERCs as well). We had to learn this
> lesson
> the hard way.
> PERC is checking 'compatibility' of the drives when a MD1xxx is
> connected to it. Which bears only the trouble of the 'uncertified
> drive'
> reporting.
> But MD3xxx has its on controllers which check and (unfortunately)
> block
> the drives regardless of being installed in MD3xxx itself or any
> expansion shelf (MD1xxx).
> If anybody knows a way around, let us know.

Fantastic, thank you for the info. I'll hope someone else can chime in with a way around that issue. :)


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