[Linux-PowerEdge] connect MD1000 with unsupported drives to MD3000

cupertino cupertino at gmx.net
Wed Apr 2 13:11:10 CDT 2014

To my knowledge MD3xxx was first Dell product which enforced Dell
certified drives (even before they unsuccessfully tried to force us to
use Dell drives on regular PERCs as well). We had to learn this lesson
the hard way. 

PERC is checking 'compatibility' of the drives when a MD1xxx is
connected to it. Which bears only the trouble of the 'uncertified drive'
But MD3xxx has its on controllers which check and (unfortunately) block
the drives regardless of being installed in MD3xxx itself or any
expansion shelf (MD1xxx). 

If anybody knows a way around, let us know. 

On Wed, 2014-04-02 at 12:55 -0500, Tim Nelson wrote:
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> > You'll definitely run into trouble. Non Dell drives are blocked on
> > all
> > MD3xxx systems.
> > 
> Interesting. On the MD1000s they seem to be indifferent to the drive firmware. The HBA however did complain (H800 in my case) until a firmware update was completed. Are you saying on the MD3000's the chassis has issues instead of the HBA? Is there a firmware update available to fix this?
> Genuinely interested as MD3000's are on radar in the coming months...
> --Tim
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