[Linux-PowerEdge] Monitoring ESXi host from a linux VM

Raina Otoni raina at luggnagg.net
Tue Apr 1 16:36:12 CDT 2014

You can use linux version OMSA to monitor ESXi host as remote node.

1. Install OMSA (http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/)
2. Open https://<linux host>:1311/OMSALogin?manageDWS=false
     -> Enter ESXi host mgmt IP Address


(2014年03月30日 04:44), Luca Lesinigo wrote:
> Hi list.
> Is it possible to monitor (read: OMSA) an ESXi host from a linux system?
> I do know that you can use the OMSA Distributed Web Server on a Windows host to monitor an ESXi host (provided it has the correct VIB installed or it has been installed from the Dell Customized image), but I can't find OMSA DWS for linux or something else that could do the same job.
> thanks,
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