[Linux-PowerEdge] OM 7.2 broken on RHEL 6.4

Trond Hasle Amundsen t.h.amundsen at usit.uio.no
Fri Mar 1 11:48:14 CST 2013

Trond Hasle Amundsen <t.h.amundsen at usit.uio.no> writes:

>> Though I haven't figured out the details yet, every RHEL 6 system I have
>> upgraded to 6.4 has broken OM. You have been warned :).
> This is because in the rhel6.4 kernel, the IPMI modules are statically
> linked instead of being standalone. BTW, the HP mgmt tools have the same
> problem.
> It's probably just a matter of fixing the init scripts for the services,
> and hopefully Dell will release an unscheduled update to fix the issue.

In case anyone is struggling with this: To get OMSA working again you
only need to replace the contents of this file:


with the following:

  modprobe platform:ipmi_si
  exit 0

The modprobe line takes care of loading the "module" in a pseudo-ish way
(I haven't really been digging into this bit), and creates the device
file /dev/ipmi0 with proper major/minor number.

PS. The script should probably be created as a proper init script, but
this works as a quick fix. Whenever Dell decides to release a fixed
version of OMSA, an upgraded srvadmin-hapi package will probably just
replace the file, so you shouldn't have to worry about having to clean
up your changes.

Trond H. Amundsen <t.h.amundsen at usit.uio.no>
Center for Information Technology Services, University of Oslo

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