[Linux-PowerEdge] problem with http://linux.dell.com/files/openmanage-contributions/om71-firmware-live/

Rich Painter painterengr at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 22:03:28 CST 2013

I have a number of PE2850 each with RACs. The RAC is a Dell RAC4/I

I successfully created a LiveCD from the subject repository. this booted
fine and eventually a browser came up with the Open Manage page.

The initial firmware update list did not list anything but the BIOS yet
this was already up to date. I want to update the RAC. No other subsystem
was listed in the GUI or command line inventory_firmware.

This seems wrong.

Once the browser came up I was able to click on the Main System Chassis
link followed by the Firmware link.
This correctly showed the Remote Access Controller firmware to be 1.70.46

If I start an xterm and attempt to run racadm4 all I get is:
ERROR: Unable to communicate with RAC controller...

I can however, use the OM browser and access the RAC thru its enet and all
looks fine.
I have repeatedly attempted to update the RAC firmware with its own browser
but once I reach 99% of the file upload it just sits there doing nothing. I
can even open a new tab and login to the RAC again.

So, the reason for me to run the OM LiveCD was so I could use a different
method to update the RAC firmware to 1.75 using racadm4

I have done a lot of web searching on this but have not found any
productive advice.

Any advice from you folks would be greatly appreciated.

Richard A. Painter, P.E.
Painter Engineering, Inc.
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