[Linux-PowerEdge] CentOS 5 + R200 => Strange behaviour on Hard Drive Detection

Jason Edgecombe jason at rampaginggeek.com
Sun Feb 10 08:53:27 CST 2013

On 02/10/2013 06:40 AM, Olivier BONHOMME wrote:
> Hello the list,
> I'm writing to this list in order to know if people here detected the
> issue I am going to describe.
> I have R200 servers and I want to install a CentOS 5.8 on it using PXE.
> I am using the default kernel provided by the distribution but
> unfortunately during the partitioning step, the hard drive on the SAS 6i
> controller is not detected.
> After some tests, I discovered that on the R200 BIOS, it is possible to
> enable or disable the three SATA available ports (A/B/C). On all my
> servers, the DVD-ROM drive was disabled because unused. So I was in the
> following state :
> - A Port => ON
> - B and C Port => OFF
> After I enabled the C port and enabled the DVD-ROM drive, my CentOS 5
> instalation WITHOUT any changes was susccessful => The hard drive was
> detected.
> So to sum up the situation, I have :
> - If the C port is disabled => Kernel Panic => No hard drive found by
> the driver
> - If the C port is enabled => Kernel OK => Drive detected =>
> Installation OK.
> Since I saw after googling that lots of people had random issues with
> these servers with CentOS 5, I post here in order to inform Linux users
> about that issue and also to ask questions :
> - Do any other users had the same issue and reproduced it and maybe have
> a more interesting solution ?
> - Is DELL aware about this bug ?
> I had the idea to open a bug on RedHat bugzilla in order maybe to have a
> fix from Redhat which will be backported in CentOS if my report is
> accepted but since I don't have any Redhat support, I thought that it
> would be interesting that the DELL Linux team would be aware of that issue.
RedHat Bugzilla and the paid support channels are separate. You can file 
the bugzilla issue without a support contract. Go ahead and file the 
bugzilla entry, then ask people to vote on the issue if it affects them. 
By chance, have your tried Centos/RHEL 5.9?

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