[Linux-PowerEdge] recite.py syntax for setting iDRAC.Embedded.1#IPv4.1#DHCPEnable

Ganesh_Viswanathan at Dell.com Ganesh_Viswanathan at Dell.com
Fri Feb 8 13:37:04 CST 2013

AttributeName needs to be the group name # the attribute name for iDRAC attributes. The preceding # is not required.

	SetiDRACAttribute AttributeName=IPv4.1#DHCPEnable AttributeValue=Enabled Target=iDRAC.Embedded.1

Please refer to the iDRAC card profile for more information.
Link: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/1906.dcim-library-profile.aspx 

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Ganesh Viswanathan

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Hi there

InstanceID BIOS.Setup.1-1:BootMode can be set with SetBIOSAttribute
Target=BIOS.Setup.1-1 AttributeName=BootMode AttributeValue=Bios

How do I get correct command to set InstanceID iDRAC.Embedded.1#IPv4.1#DHCPEnable = Enabled ? "SetiDRACAttribute" or "ApplyAttribute" requires same three parameters. I could not figure out how to split InstanceID into Target and AttributeName. None of the following works :

ApplyAttributes AttributeName=DHCPEnable AttributeValue=Enabled Target=iDRAC.Embedded.1
SetiDRACAttribute Target=iDRAC.Embedded.1 AttributeName=#IPv4.1#DHCPEnable AttributeValue=Enabled
SetiDRACAttribute Target=iDRAC.Embedded.1 AttributeName=DHCPEnable AttributeValue=Enabled
SetiDRACAttribute Target=iDRAC.Embedded.1#IPv4.1# AttributeName=DHCPEnable AttributeValue=Enabled

Please help me out ?

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