[Linux-PowerEdge] [BUG] iDRAC6 SM-CLP UUID formatting error

Sven Ulland sveniu at opera.com
Tue Feb 5 13:47:34 CST 2013

Dell reps, would you be able to forward this bug report to the
appropriate team within Dell? I doubt it'll get through the normal
support channels.

Affected version: iDRAC6 firmware version 3.42 (Build 3) and older.

The SM-CLP shell prints the wrong system UUID, likely due to a mistake
in the endian handling in libcmpiOSBase_ComputerSystemProvider.so.1.0.
Here's how it looks in comparison to the SMBios system UUID:

-> show admin1/system1
   PowerEdge M610:CN<removed>00MB,

SMBios system UUID, as reported by dmidecode and similar tools:

The first three parts are mangled, and a leading zero is missing. See
the SMBios v2.7.1 spec, section 2.7.1 for details on the UUID encoding.

On a side note, it seems the iDRAC6 smclp shell does not support the
<verb> <target> <property> syntax required by the spec:

-> show /admin1/system1 OtherIdentifyingInfo
show /admin1/system1 OtherIdentifyingInfo

Sven U

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