[Linux-PowerEdge] recent omsa update removed 'storage' commands?!

Teodor MICU mteodor at museglobal.ro
Mon Oct 29 03:59:19 CDT 2012


On Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:49:08 -0500
<Jared_Dominguez at DELL.com> wrote:
> I just tested the storage commands again and couldn't replicate any
> problems when starting from a fresh install of the previous OMSA 7.1
> and upgrading to the latest packages that are published,
> [..]

I've noticed the same regression on my systems. It is very likely that
one of these packages brings trouble:

| Reading package lists... Done
| Building dependency tree       
| Reading state information... Done
| Calculating upgrade... Done
| The following packages will be upgraded:
|   srvadmin-deng srvadmin-hapi srvadmin-omacore srvadmin-omilcore
| 4 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
| Inst srvadmin-omilcore [7.1.0-2] (7.1.0-2 Dell:OMSA [all])
| Inst srvadmin-deng [7.1.0-1] (7.1.0-2 Dell:OMSA [amd64])
| Inst srvadmin-hapi [7.1.0-1] (7.1.0-2 Dell:OMSA [amd64])
| Inst srvadmin-omacore [7.1.0-2] (7.1.0-4 Dell:OMSA [amd64])
| Conf srvadmin-omilcore (7.1.0-2 Dell:OMSA [all])
| Conf srvadmin-deng (7.1.0-2 Dell:OMSA [amd64])
| Conf srvadmin-hapi (7.1.0-2 Dell:OMSA [amd64])
| Conf srvadmin-omacore (7.1.0-4 Dell:OMSA [amd64])

I have the same setup on all Dell systems (that support OpenManage),
and this is to only install srvadmin-base srvadmin-storageservices.

Indeed the symbolic link "etc" is missing after the upgrade
from /opt/dell/srvadmin/ directory. However, adding the symlink
manually is not enough to fix this problem.
Is this symlink necessary?

I've upgraded one more system that is currently unused and the process
was not that clean as it used to be (see attached the console log).

The first possible problem is this:
| Preparing to replace srvadmin-omilcore 7.1.0-2
|  (using .../srvadmin-omilcore_7.1.0-2_all.deb) ...
| Unpacking replacement srvadmin-omilcore ...

Why would upgrade this package with the same version number? On any
system not upgraded yet I can see this:
| # apt-cache policy srvadmin-omilcore
| srvadmin-omilcore:
|   Installed: 7.1.0-2
|   Candidate: 7.1.0-2
|   Version table:
|      7.1.0-2 0
|         500 http://linux.dell.com/repo/community/deb/latest/  Packages
|  *** 7.1.0-2 0
|         100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

I've took a couple of hours to investigate this further and found that
the simple fix is to patch the openmanage/oma/ini/omcli.ini file. The
diff between previous working version and the new good version is attached.

To conclude, besides some cosmetic issues there are only three important
things that need to be fixed as explained above.


PS. I was mislead at first by several "*.dpkg-dist" files from directory
/etc/opt/dell/srvadmin/srvadmin-deng because in Debian these have the
meaning of a new configuration in the new version of the package(s) but
not automatically replaced.
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