[Linux-PowerEdge] Did PD timeout cause OS hang and application no respond?

Xiaotao_Wu at Dell.com Xiaotao_Wu at Dell.com
Sun Oct 28 20:36:32 CDT 2012

Dear exports:
   Just query one question
6 SAS HDs created RAID 10
Linux is RHEL5.5 X64
If PERC detected one PD time out  or media error( in ttylog)
What will happened in system level?
Hang or works like normal or just no respond for several seconds, then back to normal?

In my opinion, system should works  well as RAID theory
But unfortunately, our one customer reported once encountered the issue, his app will cut 12 seconds, and no any record in system message
Not only one time see that in his memory
Not sure if the system will hang, if some document can mention that, will be better
So can anyone answer me, appreciate your support

Xiaotao Wu
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