[Linux-PowerEdge] 2162DS KVM switch

Dan Pritts danno at umich.edu
Sun Oct 14 13:39:09 CDT 2012

Todd Lyons wrote:
> We absolutely love our 2161's.  But we also tend to use the java app
> to access them instead of the web browser access.  Look on your CD's
> that came with the unit for them.
Thanks for the feedback.

I've discovered that linux text consoles can be made to work by booting 
with vga=791 on the kernel command line; this tells linux to put the 
display in a 1024x768 mode that works well.

However, unlike your experience, the BIOS screen is still unusable since 
it's in plain old 80x25 mode.  This is of course the most important 
part, the linux console is usually not the problem.

The "web access" is just a java net start app; i suspect it's similar or 
the same code you're using with the 2161.

I've been meaning to call Dell to complain but haven't carved out the 
time for it.

Dan Pritts
ICPSR Computing & Network Services
University of Michigan

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