[Linux-PowerEdge] Linux-PowerEdge] OM 7.1 Firmware LiveDVD posted

Ajeet_Raina at DELL.com Ajeet_Raina at DELL.com
Fri Oct 5 04:30:47 CDT 2012

Hello Teodor MICU,

Yes, PXE boot works independent of CD-DVD but this was just an indication that still the initrd searches for some files out of it and there it goes missing.
It is necessary to probably tweak with the pxelinux.0/default parameter or re-construct up an image which supplies the required files.


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Hello Ajeet Raina,

On Thu, 4 Oct 2012 05:33:06 -0700
<Ajeet_Raina at DELL.com> wrote:
> I tried setting up PXE boot  configuration using livecd-iso tool with 
> [..]
>    APPEND rootflags=loop initrd=initrd ramdisk_size=512000
> ramdisk_blocksize=4096  quiet liveimg vga=791 showopts ONERROR

Are you sure that's all you had?

I've added two more options in my setup and no ramdisk_* arguments:

  root=/Centos62-OM71-Firmware-LiveDVD.x86_64.iso rootfstype=iso9660

I tried to test your setup but unfortunately (due to a new discovered BMC firmware bug) after sending the IPMI command «power soft» the OS has gone to runlevel 0 (system halt) AND lost access to BMC via IPMI.  :-(

> It seems like once its successfully detected the kernel image it stops 
> at:
> >   /include: line 541: setctsid: command not found
> >   [    2.349302] Waiting for USB device scan to
> > complete.................. [   17.974562] Waiting for CD/DVD
> > device(s) to appear............... [   33.027997] Failed to detect
> > CD/DVD or USB drive ! [   33.030907] rebootException: error
> > consoles at Alt-F3/F4 [   33.033733] rebootException: reboot in 120
> > sec...
> At this point, the initrd of the LiveDVD call on the cd  for files and 
> hence it is getting lost. To my curiosity, I tried connecting the OM 
> 7.1 Firmware LiveDVD and hence it successfully went ahead with the 
> installation.

Probably it does, but remember that the PXE netboot is useful because it avoids burning the CD/DVD image and place it into the CDROM unit.


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