[Linux-PowerEdge] OM 7.1 Firmware LiveDVD posted

Sven Ulland sveniu at opera.com
Thu Oct 4 03:19:56 CDT 2012

On 10/03/2012 10:52 AM, Sven Ulland wrote:
> Specifically, it would be nice to be able to determine whether any
> component in your system has any relevant updates available. The
> primary lookup key would typically be the unique pci vendor:device
> values plus platform and type (driver, software, firmware).

I got a response from Dell's harald_jensas@ pointing to the software
update catalog at http://ftp.dell.com/catalog/Catalog.xml.gz and
a link to Petter Reinholdtsen's script to parse it:

In short, it uses dmidecode to fetch system-product-name and splits it
to brand ('PowerEdge') and model ('M610'), and uses these as lookup
keys to determine which software updates *may* apply to the system.
Then it iterates over those updates to find the links to the BIN
packages, then it downloads and executes them.

This is the sort of thing I was looking for, but I don't yet
understand how the tools check system inventory to see if an update
can be applied: They all rely on a frontend mechanism that fetches
a unique componentID value, either via IPMI or 3rd party libraries
(LSI libstorage.so, etc), which return XML output. The XML lists the
componentID value for the discovered inventory, and is used to match
with the available software update.

What determines componentID values? Is the source of 'sasdupie',
'iDRACfl32l', 'dup_inv', etc, available?


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