[Linux-PowerEdge] Upgrading the PERC 5/E Adapter Firmware / Debian

Gautam Korlam gautamkorlam at cs.ucsb.edu
Fri Nov 30 15:55:23 CST 2012


We have a dell Poweredge 2950 at our university lab which has a RAID setup
using a PERC 5/E Adapter. There is an important upgrade to the firmware
(version 5.2.2-0076). However, the provided installer from the dell

does not seem to work on debian. We have already tried pointing "sh" to
"bash" , so that the firmware script would execute successfully.
Nonetheless, I get a "this update package is not compatible .... " error. I
have also tried extracting the package and using "sasdupie" directly with
the relevant arguments, but it seems to do nothing.

 I know the update package is the one intended as "omreport storage
controller" shows that there is a PERC 5/E Adapter attached.

Any suggestions on how to proceed with this?

Gautam Korlam,
Masters Student,
Department of Computer Science,
University Of California, Santa Barbara.
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