[Linux-PowerEdge] internal disks on raid controller and linux

Spike_White at Dell.com Spike_White at Dell.com
Wed Nov 28 13:21:11 CST 2012

Certainly flashing your firmware to this latest version is always good idea.

BTW, this is definitely not the old LSI bug -- you have the megaraid_sas PERCs.  H700 == goodness.

If all else fails, you can boot OEL 6.2 with kernel option rdblacklist=lpfc.  That will not load your lpfc driver, so at initial boot time your kernel won't see your LUNs.  After your OS is up, you can modprobe it in, if the PowerPath initialization doesn't do it for you already.    (However, I seem to remember something early in the boot process modprobes it in. Don't remember if it's PP or what.)

If you have any filesystems on LUNs, you can add the mount flag "_netdev" to mount these non-local filesystems later in the boot process.

That's similar to what we had to do in OEL 5.x to induce the proper discovery order.


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