[Linux-PowerEdge] Missing Disk on SAS 6

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Fri Nov 23 08:46:20 CST 2012

I checked this with another machine that I have in Office that has a LSI 
1068. It had only 1 disk and a degraded array. I hotswapped in a second 
drive and found no way to attach although it was recognized by the 
machine. It shows in lsscsi exactly the same way as on the problem 
machine. I tried to find a way to attach it without taking the machine 
offline. But the only option that had the new disk available was create 
volume (to create a second volume).

I finally disabled and deleted the volume in lsiutil and created a new 
one. It's now resyncing and appears to be "almost" well. At least 
according to mpt-status and lsiutil.
It appears it took the correct primary disk, but some programs do not work 
correctly. e.g. lshw and procinfo return i/o error, top says "xterm 
unknown terminal type". It looks like there was some damage to the file 
system, lots of directory entries have only filenames and no attributes 
anymore. I'm waiting if the resync cures that. But if not the setup is 
hosed and doing it this way doesn't seem to work. Not much of a problem 

Is there a stable way to replace a disk with lsiutil on the SAS1068 while 
the machine is online?


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