[Linux-PowerEdge] MD3200 + MD 1200 on Ubuntu

G.Bakalarski at icm.edu.pl G.Bakalarski at icm.edu.pl
Fri Nov 23 08:19:54 CST 2012

> Hi guys,
> Does anyone have any success configuring and running an MD3200 Storage
> Array with at least one MD1200 expansion enclosure on a recent flavour
> of Ubuntu (I have 12.10 but am flexible)?. My attempt to install the
> PowerVault Modular Disk Storage Manager failed at the first hurdle
> (successfully unpacked the JVM to /tmp but then couldn't find/execute
> the resultant files). A look around the web shows convoluted repackaging
> of the supplied RPMs into .deb files, which strikes me as a PITA to
> support going forward, or installing the client software on a supported
> distro, configuring the array and then switching to Ubuntu, also deeply
> unsatisfactory.

I used the second mode in sightly modified way.
I installed soft on supported platform (RedHat/Centos)
and then copied files to my debian servers.

One must remember to copy also  /var/opt/SM/ (in addition to /opt/dell).
I had also problems with path to correct java binaries and had to edit
scripts file and manually setup  JAVA_EXEC variable ...

Doable but not easy ...



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