[Linux-PowerEdge] Missing Disk on SAS 6

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Fri Nov 23 07:08:08 CST 2012

Stefan Botter wrote on Fri, 23 Nov 2012 08:18:08 +0100:

> IIRC (i had this several times on a 2950 about 3-4 years ago) you have 
> to go to the controller BIOS and load "foreign" configuration of the 
> disks. Then the RAID is back together, with no data loss.
> At any rate - be sure you have a current backup *now*, before you do 
> that.

Thanks for the tip. Actually, I goofed on the machine type. These are not 
R1950s, but R200s, but I think it doesn't matter for this case.
Unfortunately, I don't have one in office here, so I could check about the 
"foreign" configuration and do a "dry run", but I've found mentioning that 
in the manual now. And I have other 1068-based machines in office, so I 
check there first.

BTW: what is going to happen if this machine gets rebooted without 
correcting the problem? Is there a chance that it tries to boot from the 
non-raided disk?

Is there any idea why this could happen in the first place? Both times it 
happened there was heavy disk usage because of rsync doing backups. So, 
it's got something to do with stress on the controller or the disk? 
Corrupt sectors on the disk?


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