[Linux-PowerEdge] Missing Disk on SAS 6

Stefan Botter s.schmidt at jacobs-university.de
Fri Nov 23 01:18:08 CST 2012

Helo Kai,

On Thursday, November 22, 2012 07:24:14 PM Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> I have a Dell 1950 with an SAS 6iR aka LSI1068 card. It reports a
> "missing" disk. What does this actually mean? It looks like this is
> not a failed disk, but rather some kind of "broken" RAID, although
> the card still reports a RAID.
> mpt-status:
> ioc0 vol_id 4 type IM, 2 phy, 464 GB, state DEGRADED, flags ENABLED
> ioc0 phy 0 scsi_id 5 ATA      WDC WD5002ABYS-0 3B02, 465 GB, state
> ONLINE, flags NONE ioc0 phy 1 scsi_id 8 ATA      WDC WD5002ABYS-0
> 3B02, 465 GB, state MISSING, flags OUT_OF_SYNC
> sg_inq:
> [0:0:1:0]    disk    ATA      WDC WD5002ABYS-0 3B02  -        
> /dev/sg1 WD-WCASY2302383 [0:0:4:0]    disk    ATA      WDC
> WD5002ABYS-0 3B02  /dev/sdb  /dev/sg0 WD-WMASY4642710 [0:1:4:0]   
> disk    Dell     VIRTUAL DISK     1028  /dev/sda  /dev/sg2
> on a system with failed disk it should show: (= no disk at all)
> [0:0:1:0]    disk    ATA      WDC WD5002ABYS-0 3B02  -  /dev/sg1
> WD-WCASY2302383 [0:1:4:0]    disk    Dell     VIRTUAL DISK     1028 
> /dev/sda  /dev/sg2
> output of lshw shows indeed "correct data" and volumes for the second
> disk as if it was attached "unraided".

IIRC (i had this several times on a 2950 about 3-4 years ago) you have 
to go to the controller BIOS and load "foreign" configuration of the 
disks. Then the RAID is back together, with no data loss.
At any rate - be sure you have a current backup *now*, before you do 


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