[Linux-PowerEdge] omreport system cmdlog

Joris Ludo ludo.joris at ua.ac.be
Thu Nov 15 05:07:37 CST 2012

Hi all,

One of our Dell servers (PE R710, CentOS 4.8 32-bit) restarted. We don't know why.

# omreport system cmdlog

Severity      : Ok
Date and Time : Thu Nov  8 15:07:41 2012
User          : root
Description   : Dell OpenManage started

Severity      : Ok
Date and Time : Thu Nov  8 15:02:44 2012
User          : root
Description   : Dell OpenManage shutdown

Document "Using Log Messages and Alert Actions in Dell OpenManage Server Administrator" says:

Command log: The command log provides the details of the commands executed from the Server
Administrator graphical user interface (GUI) and the Server Administrator command-line interface (CLI).

The server seems to have shutdown gracefully (from the /etc/init.d kill scripts logs):

Nov  8 15:02:34 ofdb5 shutdown: shutting down for system reboot
Nov  8 15:02:34 ofdb5 init: Switching to runlevel: 6
Nov  8 15:02:34 ofdb5 udevd[1529]: udev done!
Nov  8 15:02:35 ofdb5 haldaemon: haldaemon -TERM succeeded

Does this mean that somebody issued an OpenManage shutdown and startup command?
Could a hardware failure or thermal shutdown generate this entry in the cmdlog?


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