[Linux-PowerEdge] LC remote changing from raid1 to raid0

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Sat Nov 10 12:16:24 CST 2012

On 9 nov. 2012, at 10:36, martin.flemming at desy.de wrote:

> Hi !
> I've got 50 M520 server which are delivered with raid1,
> but we want to change the raid-configuration to raid0 because they are 
> only batch-machines an we need fast scratch ...
> So what's the best practise to change the raid-configuration remotely ?
> .. thinking it's the way with  the LifeCyclecontroller, isn't it ?


 I have used the following recite script to convert it from raid1 to raid0:
set $IP
set $LOGIN xxxxx
set $PASS xxxxxx
set $controller RAID.Integrated.1-1
set $disk0 Disk.Bay.0:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
set $disk1 Disk.Bay.1:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
ConvertToRAID PDArray=$disk0
ConvertToRAID PDArray=$disk1
CreateVirtualDisk PDArray=$disk0 PDArray=$disk1 Target=$controller VDPropNameArray=RAIDLevel VDPropNameArray=SpanLength VDPropNameArray=SpanDepth VDPropValueArray=2 VDPropValueArray=2 VDPropValueArray=1
CreateRAIDConfigJob Target=$controller RebootJobType=3 ScheduledStartTime=TIME_NOW


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