[Linux-PowerEdge] LC remote changing from raid1 to raid0

Ganesh_Viswanathan at Dell.com Ganesh_Viswanathan at Dell.com
Fri Nov 9 09:32:13 CST 2012

Hello Martin,
This might be much easier using Recite available here: http://dell.to/recite-wsman. 

You can refer to the Best Practices guide for details on RAID creation. Section 4.1 has the methods to invoke. There are also sample Recite scripts that will help you get started.

LC on TechCenter: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/1979.lifecycle-controller.aspx 
BP guide: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/extras/m/white_papers/20066173.aspx 
BP script samples: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/extras/m/white_papers/20066178.aspx 

Also, do check out the RAID profile document which goes into all the RAID capabilities of Lifecycle Controller.

Profiles: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/1906.dcim-library-profile.aspx 
RAID profile: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/3527.dcim-raid-profile-1-2.aspx 

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Ganesh Viswanathan

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Hi !

I've got 50 M520 server which are delivered with raid1, but we want to change the raid-configuration to raid0 because they are only batch-machines an we need fast scratch ...

So what's the best practise to change the raid-configuration remotely ?

.. thinking it's the way with  the LifeCyclecontroller, isn't it ?

I've found the wiki-side


My first try was to use

RAID Attributes push pull 	Python and Shell scripts to inventory 
(pull) and configure (push) RAID attributes using WSMan.

wsmanclipy, sh

flemming@:/scratch/flemming/lc2/raid $ ./pullRAID.sh IP address (ENTER for default: ) ? XXXXXX User name (ENTER for default: ) ? XXXXX User password (ENTER for default: ) ? XXXX

  Building the Order Attributes Template File...

  Getting the Attributes ....
pullraid.py:197: DeprecationWarning: os.popen3 is deprecated.  Use the subprocess module.
   (fin, fout, ferr) = os.popen3(command, "t")
  Creating the .ini file ....
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "pullraid.py", line 244, in <module>
     CNARunner(idracIp, idracUser, idracPass, attrSet)
   File "pullraid.py", line 54, in __init__
   File "pullraid.py", line 90, in run
     self.buildIni(self.idracIp, self.settings, orderAttr)
   File "pullraid.py", line 137, in buildIni
     if vallist[j].hasChildNodes() == True:
IndexError: list index out of range
flemming at ip-console3:/scratch/flemming/lc2/raid $

...  what means the error-messages above ?

I've got these files

.. thinking that i can't change my raid-configuration with these scripts, can i ?

After that i switch to the scriptcollection linux_lc1_5_scripts_2011_09_8_v1_2.zip

.. specialy


... got somebody an quick advice, how i delete my virtual disk(raid1) an create a new one with raid0 ?

thanks & cheers


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