[Linux-PowerEdge] R610 Memory configurations

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The R610 has a triple-channel memory architecture.
So this means for the most optimal configuration you should use the following:
6x2GB for example so you have 12GB RAM for 2 CPU's
Or 3x4GB for 12GB for 1 CPU.

If you need more ram you can either replace those memory modules or re-use them but use the biggest memory modules in the first banks.

So if you have for example currently 8x1GB modules, and wants to upgrade to 18GB you can do the following:
Buy 6 modules of 2GB and place 6 old 1GB modules back, the left 1GB modules leave them out of the server for a balanced configuration.

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   I have an R610 with the following DIMMS:
 8 x 1GB
 4 x 2GB

16GB total.  The  BIOS setting is configured for "Optimized" memory mode.

Is there any possible DIMM configuration that won't generate an "unsupported" error message upon boot up?

And if not, what is the harm/trouble with running an unsupported configuration?

This is what I ended up with for now:

	DIMM_A1 	1024
	DIMM_A2 	1024
	DIMM_A3 	1024

	DIMM_A4 	2048
	DIMM_A5 	2048
	DIMM_A6 	2048

	DIMM_B1 	1024
	DIMM_B2 	1024
	DIMM_B3 	1024

	DIMM_B4 	2048
	DIMM_B5 	1024
	DIMM_B6 	1024

 I only get a mis-matched error on B4-B5-B6 and that both CPUs should have the same amount of memory, but the system seems to be running ESXi 5 normally.



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