[Linux-PowerEdge] OpenManage 7.1.1 yum repository posted

Rathish_Das at DELL.com Rathish_Das at DELL.com
Wed Nov 7 23:30:49 CST 2012

Hi All,

The OpenManage 7.1.1  yum repository  has been posted and latest symbolic link is updated.


You can use this repo to install OMSA 7.1 and update latest firmware's on PowerEdge servers.

Known Issue:-

1)      iDRAC7 not getting Inventory on PEM820 . We are working on fixing this issue.

2)      System BIOS Update failed on PET320 with SLES 11 SP2 and ORCA-xd rhel5.8 when updating with Lifecycle Controller from GUI
Workaround- While rebooting press F10 after Bios update

3)      SECUPD folder open automatically when collecting YUM inventory in M710HD from GUI. No functionality impact. This folder will automatically close after few seconds.

4)      12G BP Expander repository version not available on PER720 xd with RHEL 5.8 x86. We are working on fixing this issue.

5)      Inventory report does not show available version for BCM nic on M910 in GUI. No functionality impact. Your updates will still happen from cli and work.

6)      T620 Back plane firmware was listed one time( where there are more than one backplane) in YUM inventory. No functionality impact. Updates will happen to all the backplane and work.


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