[Linux-PowerEdge] Non-dell disks in R200 only 1.5Gbps ?

Brian McAllister mcallister at mit.edu
Wed Nov 7 14:29:37 CST 2012

We have a Dell R200, SAS6/iR with two SATA disks (RAID1).  One of the disks
died and was replaced under warranty.  The other disk failed in September.
I thought it was covered under the support contract but was informed by
Dell support that the disk was only covered for 1 year.  Given that the
non-OEM version of this disk has a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer I
found that disappointing.

Between the warranty issue and relative cost it appeared to make sense to
buy new disks elsewhere.  I got a pair of WD1002FAEX Caviar Black disks and
installed them without major issues.  The system is working.  However, both
omreport and the SAS6/iR config utility report that the disks are running
at 1.5Gbps.  omreport says that "Capable Speed" is 3.00 Gbps.

Am I missing something ?  Or is this because the disks don't have Dell
firmware and the SAS6 won't use them properly ?

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