[Linux-PowerEdge] Extremely poor performance with LVM vs. RAW disc

Dan Pritts danno at umich.edu
Wed Nov 7 13:14:48 CST 2012

L. A. Walsh, Tlinx Solutions wrote:
>      Ahhh....  I use entire disks for lvm, but inside 1 large partition
> -- primarily for safety purposes.  If I have a disk and want to ID it,
> I'll run parted -l (used to fdisk -l).  If it's formatted with lvm raw,
> I don't think that works.  Losing 1 data disk with the 'wrong data' on
> it, will cost me more than I'll ever save by not putting some OS
> readable label on it to tell me what it is...
It's also safer for your organization - the sysadmin who shows up after 
you are hit by a
bus will be used to seeing disks with partition tables on them.
Dan Pritts
ICPSRComputing & Network Services
University of Michigan

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