[Linux-PowerEdge] Extremely poor performance with LVM vs. RAW disc

Sabuj Pattanayek sabujp at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 16:27:45 CST 2012

> I may be confused, but if you have a whole disk lvm, how would you
> extend it?

Add another disk, add it as a pv to the vg then extend the lv.

> And what do you mean by whole disk lvm?

Adding the entire disk as the pv to the vg rather than a partition of it.

> What constraints do partitions put on you?...(using guid...not old
> PC-bios partitioning)?

It's just another thing to have to resize if the original partition 
hadn't filled up the disk if you want to keep resizing the same 
partition rather than adding another one. I think the more partitions 
you have for LVM on a single disk the worse it's performance becomes.

> And with partitions -- I have extended XFS .. you make a partition
> larger, and tell XFS... "growfs"...
> and it gets bigger.   NTFS does too.   Dunno...does extX or others have
> that option?

lvextend -r

takes care of the FS as well after your vg's are extended .

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