[Linux-PowerEdge] Remote Perc 6/i Firmware upgrade on R610 with ESXi 5

Hank heskin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 16:45:13 CST 2012

Thanks Chris,

  That looks extremely complicated (the  WSMAN, CIM method).  I
googled around and found info for the Unfied Server Configurator which
is available on my machine by hitting F10 during bootup.   This seemed
like a much more simple method.

I set up the network config in the USC, and then it listed about 8
necessary firmware updates, and I clicked "Apply".

It's been sitting at the "Please Wait" message box for about an hour
now.   Is it hung, or actually doing something?  How long do I let it
sit there before trying to reboot the machine?



On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 11:43 AM,  <Chris_Poblete at dell.com> wrote:
> Hello Hank,
> You can use the Web (Remote) Service interface of iDRAC for firmware updates.  Here's a link that shows how this is done:
> http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/remote-firmware-update.aspx
> Thanks,
> <Chris Poblete
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> Hello All,
> I have 4 R610s that are running ESXi 5.  They all have the Enterprise DRAC.
> What is the easiest way to upgrade the firmware for the Perc 6/i cards remotely?
>  I am 3 hours away from the datacenter, so I do not have any physical access to the machines.
> Thank you,
> -Hank
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